Please fill in the form with the code from your course book. You'll be then sent a link to download your music within about 5-10 minutes.

Video: Download to iOS or Apple Mac Computers

To put your songs on an Android Devices (Samsung, Google, HTC, etc)

  1. Open the link in the email and click on the 00 Compressed (.zip) file which has all the songs in one folder.
  2. Once downloaded your device will transfer all the files to the music player.

To put your songs on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

  1. On your computer, download the 00 Compressed (.zip) File which has all the songs in one file.
  2. Double click on uncompress the file.
  3. Open the Folder and Select all files and double click or choose File > Open in the menu.
  4. Your songs will then be imported into iTunes. From there you can install on your phone like you install any songs.

PLEASE double check your email address
before you send through your Download Code.